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the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

ready to cruise the seven seas of the world with my family

Dear friends around the globe,

after 8 years of dreaming, having 2 kids, 1 year of preparation and finally 10 weeks of hards work in the boatyard here in Trinidad our new floating home is finally ready to go.

SNOWFLAKE is a 40 ft sailing catmaran and will be our home for the next couple of years as we cruise the seven seas of the world.

From today on, you can follow the adventures of Nina, Keano, Momo and myself online on:

and even though we will not always connected to the web, you also find us here:
We hope that we can inspire you to follow your dreams as well ((-:
take care,
Flo & Nina & Keano & Momo

  • 05.10.18, 14:49

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  • 12.08.18, 14:17

    relaxed kitesession right in front of SNOWFLAKE on union island in the beautiful grenadines. follow us on our trip on instagram as „sailawayfamily“ #northkiteboarding #thulebringyourlife #chiemseefamily

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  • 30.06.18, 16:02

    SNOWFLAKE - home sweet home. #gonesailing #thulebringyourkids #chiemseefamily #makulo #northkiteboarding

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  • 09.04.18, 15:54

    my new life is finally starting: after 10 weeks of very hard work in teh boatyard, our sailing catmaran SNOWFLAKE is ready for cruising now and our brandnew BLOG is online. jipijeah!! so from today on you can follow nina, keano momo and me on www.sailawayfamily.com as the tradewinds are pushing us over the the seven seas. ⚓ big hugs from trinidad, flo #sailawayfamily #thulebringyourlife #makulo #northkiteboarding #chiemsee

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