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getting ready for a new adventure


after 17 years as a pro freerider it is time a new chapter in life:

in januar 2018, we will have our sailing catamaran "SNOWFLAKE" ready to go in trinidad and we will set sails for new horizons - as a family.

with my wife nina and our kids keano and momo the best crew i can imagine will be on board when we set sails for a few years.....

stay tuned for our new website to be online soon!



dreams coming true...
dreams coming true...

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new sponsoring partner CROSLAKE SUP boards

when bernhard winklehner, founder and boss of croslake approached me 2 weeks ago to ask me if i wanted to join the team, i did not hestitate to say yes. croslake produces a great range of inflatable SUP boards perfectly matching the needs of us mountain people who mainly venture out on lakes an rivers and are stoked to use a board that`s a little wider for extra stability and to bring the kids as well as it is super easily packable into any car.


since we will spend the next summers on the st. wolfgang lake in our summer house there, we will have loads of time to be on the water and if you wanna join us there to test the boarsds you are welcome!

check out a few pics of a first shooting for croslake with tommy bause.



early summer day on achensee.
early summer day on achensee.

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countdown for the next sailing adventure

so here is our masterplan on the way to the next sailing adveture:

we are gonna work & raise our kids for a few years, before buying a new boat to set sail again in 2018. we wanna start where we stopped last time (around tonga) and will stay on board for longer, 5 years, maybe more, who konws??

it is this dream that keeps us going here every day  in the crazyness of western world capitalism (-:

in the meantime, you can follow us on this website.

take care everyone and follow your passions!!

flo, nina, keano, momo

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save the turtles of the pacific ocean

check out below`s program founded by my californian buddy hoyt and join their team to help our world to survive

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good news while anchoring in bora bora

i just received the info that i got a wildcard and will be competing in all of the 2011 freeride world tour events!
i am super stoked, especially since 2011 sees an increase in world tour stops to 6 and for the first time there will be a stopover in fierberbrunn in austria.
as for now, we are on our way to fidji, where we will leave our boat for the winter.
keep on following us for another 2 months through the south pacific on